Women's Golf Association of Western NY

Since 1922

WGAWNY Rep Duties and Hosting Procedures


Handicaps by Event:


Gross only

Under 50 Day 1
Senior 50-60 Day 1
Super Senior 60+ Day 1


Champion can come from any flight/division. Low 16 and players within ten shots of the lead play on Day 2 if signed up on entry for both days


One Day Medal:
Gross only
Playoff for overall only


Two Gal:

Net champions with gross prizes. Playoff for Net Champion only

Handicap 90% adjustment The maximum number of handicap strokes allowed for an event is the number of strokes allowed for the event based on an index of 28.4 with a maximum of 1 stroke on Par 3ís (2020).



Four Gal:

Net champions with gross prizes

Handicap 80% after slope adjustment The maximum number of handicap strokes allowed for an event is the number of strokes allowed for the event based on an index of 28.4 with a maximum of 1 stroke on Par 3ís (2020).


Playoff for Net Champion only

The Rep is responsible for arranging the event food and for coordinating the golf tournament with
†the Club Pro.†


Event Budget:

The Budget for the event is the number of participants multiplied by $80.00 per person per day.† The entry fee for events is $85, but our organization takes out a $5 fee for Golf Genius expenses.†

The $80 covers any cart fees, plus all food, sales tax and food service gratuities.† Remember that there is sales tax on the cart fees.† The remainder of the entry fee after you deduct the cart fees (including sales tax), is to be spent on food (including the tax and gratuity).† The money for the event prizes and bag room tips come from our WGAWNY treasury, so the entire entry fee is for carts and food.†

Example:† $80.00 minus the $25.00 Carts with tax = $52.80 per person to cover continental breakfast, snacks, lunch/dinner, including tax and gratuity.† (This is about $41.00 for food before tax and gratuity.)† For the 2 Gal/2 Day Event, the budget is $165.


Event Food:

Please keep in mind that our ladies tend to remember the food for each event and they expect a nice meal.† Please work with your Club Manager and Chef to make our lunch experience enjoyable and a good value for the cost.†


Prizes and Bag Room Tips:

The prizes for the event and bag room tips are paid from the WGAWNY treasury (our annual dues).† These amounts are budgeted by the Treasurer and Board for each event and determined by the size of the field.† Prizes are paid in Host Pro Shop Gift Certificates.†


Event Sign-up:†† Ladies will sign up and pay their entry fee on the Golf Genius website. This will generate a roster for the tournament. Sign-ups will end two weeks before the event. The Club Rep will provide the GG Administrator and Tournament Chair with the email address of the Club Pro or the Assistant in charge of this event so the Final Roster and Prize Chart can be emailed to the Club Pro at least one week prior to the event.


Pairings, Handicaps and Rules:

2023 is our first year using Golf Genius.† We are learning about setting up tournaments, pairings, etc. as we go.† We may need help from Club Pro.† Here is how we proceeded in the past. The Club Pro or assistant and the Club Rep set up the pairings by index, be the contact for her host Club Professional, and advise as to handicap adjustments if required.


Pairings are to be made strictly based on handicap, except that we do try to mix Rochester and Buffalo players.† No players can request special pairings or change pairings once made.† Players who are accepted to enter after the pairings have been made shall be placed in the field as determined by the Club Pro.†


We encourage playing the normal Ladiesí Tees for each host course.† USGA rules govern all play.† Local rules are to be established by the host course before play.† The 2-Gal and the 4-Gal tournaments are Net tournaments.† The overall Net winners are determined first!† For those 2 tournaments, the maximum number of handicap strokes allowed is the number of strokes allowed for the event based on an index of 28.4, but at no time should a player receive more than 1 stroke on a par 3.




The Tournament Chair will assist the Club Rep and Club Pro with setting up the prize allocation.† After the golf ends, our ladies are anxious to eat and get to the Pro Shop to spend their winnings.† To help make this process more efficient, we ask that the Club Pro have all the prize Gift Certificates made out before we arrive that day, listing the prize won and the amount.† If the Pro Shop needs to add names to the Gift Certificates, this can be done quickly after the scores are all calculated and reviewed.† We prefer that no names be listed on the Gift Certificates so handing out the prizes can be done faster.† Each of our events will have a Prize Chart that will list each flight, place and prize amount.† The Pro can just fill in that chart and make copies for each table, the Rep, the Treasurer and the President. This will help make our events run smoother and faster.† The President and Rep will assist the Club Pro in handing out the Gift Certificates as soon as possible.† Note: Gift Certificates are only valid at the host Pro Shop and must be redeemed by October 31st of that year or such later date as determined by the Club Pro.


Final Report:

The Treasurer will bring checks to the event to pay for the carts and food, prizes, and bag room tips.† The Club Rep should discuss in advance with the Club and Pro as to how these checks should be written and to whom.† A copy of any invoices from the Club should be given to the Treasurer.† A copy of the winners should be given to the Tournament Chair.




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