Women's Golf Association of Western NY

Since 1922

WGAWNY Rep Duties and Hosting Procedures


Handicaps by Event:


Gross only

Under 50 Day 1
Senior 50-60 Day 1
Super Senior 60+ Day 1


Champion can come from any flight/division. Low 16 and players within ten shots of the lead play on Day 2 if signed up on entry for both days


One Day Medal:
Gross only


Two Gal:

Net champions with gross prizes. Playoff for Net Champion only

90% adjustment after slope and no player gets more than 14 shots


Four Gal:

Net champions with gross prizes

Handicap 80% after slope adjustment with a max. of 18 pre-adjustment, which means no player gets more than 14 shots. Playoff for Net Champion only

The Club Rep is responsible for arranging for event continental breakfast and lunches or dinners and for coordinating the tournament event with her Club Pro. Each event has a binder with event history and helpful information on handicaps, prizes, and responsibilities.


Event Budget:

The budget for the event is the number of entries multiplied by the $65 entry fee. The entry fee covers any cart fees, all food, sales tax and food service gratuities. Sales tax is paid on cart fees. The remainder of the entry fee, once cart fees and taxes are deducted, is to be spent on food (including tax and gratuity).  Entry fees are non-refundable once the entry deadline has passed.


The money for event prize certificates and bag room tips is budgeted from the WGAWNY treasury.
If the event field is small, the rep should consult with the treasurer and the officer who is assisting to see if the prize pool should be reduced.


1) Entry fee per player, subtract cart fees per person (with tax included).

     Remainder is budget for Meal(s)/tax/gratuity budget for the event.
Example: $65 - $20.50 Carts with tax = $44.50 balance, meaning the
Meal/tax/gratuity budget is $44.50 per person to cover continental breakfast, snacks, lunch/dinner.

                          For the Two Gal, the budget for carts and food is double.

   2)  Keep in mind that our group will remember the meal. And the meal value. Reps should work closely with the club manage and chef to make sure the food is planned and enjoyable. Meals should be ready approximately 4-1/2 hours after the start of play.

3)  Prizes are budgeted per event and paid in host pro shop certificates. Prizes are paid from annual dues. The per event amounts are budgeted by the board for each event and are in the event binder. If the field is small for your event, consult with the prize chair to determine if the prize budget should be reduced. All prizes are paid in Pro Shop gift certificates.

4)  Bag room tips are budgeted per event and paid from dues.



Entry forms are posted on the wgawny.com website only. Participants must print the entry, complete it and mail it with the required entry fee to the Treasurer’s address on the form.

The treasurer will make an event roster and provide the roster to the host club rep periodically and CC the Western officer assigned as event tournament assistant. The rep must provide an email for the Club Pro or assistant in charge of the event so the treasurer can email the final roster and prize chart to the Club Pro.

Host Pro Shop:

The rep should work with the pro to make sure the scorecards are produced with proper handicap strokes (as needed and as published on the entry form) and that the scoreboard is attended.

Players like to get on the road so the pro staff should not type out certificates in order to avoid delays in announcing prizes. The prize payout chart can be filled in and make copies for each table as well as the rep, president and treasurer.

The club rep (tournament chair) and assigned officer will make pairings by index, be the contact for her/host club professional and advise as to handicap adjustments, if required, for net events (these are posted on entries). Pairings are to be made only based on handicap, except that we do try to mix Buffalo and Rochester players. No special pairings can be requested and pairings cannot be changed one made. We encourage playing the normal Ladies’ Tees for each host course. There will be an event outline in every event binder. The rep should give a copy of the event outline to the Club Pro to incorporate into the Rules handout for the event.

USGA Rules govern all play. Local rules are to be established and provided by the host course prior to play. The maximum number of handicap strokes allowed for an event is the number of strokes allowed for the event based on an index of 21.4. See adjustment

Flights and Prizes:

A Western officer will also assist the rep (tournament chair) with determining the flights and the prize allocation.

Gift Certificates:

After the golf ends, ladies are anxious to finish lunch, redeem prize winnings and get on the road. To help make this process more efficient, we ask that the Club Pro have the prize gift certificates made out in advance with the finishing place and the dollar amount. We prefer no names be listed on the certificates to move the process along. If names are required, this can be done after the scores are calculated and reviewed. The treasurer will hand out a prize chart listing each flight and places paid with the prize amount. The Pro can fill in the prize chart and make copies for each table, the Rep, the treasurer and the president. Certificates do not need to be printed as long as names are on the prize chart detailing flight/place.

The competition is final when the winners have been announced, or, in the absence of a prize ceremony, when ALL scores have been posted and approved by the Committee.

Certificates will not be honored after October 31st each year or at such later date as determined by the host Club Pro.


The treasurer will bring checks to pay all event costs. In advance, the rep needs to advise the treasurer who the payee will be for the following and request that invoices be prepared for the treasurer.

· Gift Certificates

· Cart Fees (including tax)

· Food and Beverage (including tax and service charges)

· Bag Room tips



Final Report:

A brief synopsis of the event, including the number of participants, list of pairings, prizes/winners chart, invoice copies for carts, food and beverage and gift certificates (and any additional helpful information) should be placed in the tournament binder by the rep. The event binder should then be handed to the president or the rep hosting that event the following year.

          (Revised 2018)