Women's Golf Association of Western NY

Since 1922

WGAWNY Honorary Members

Founded in 1922 by Mrs. Bartlett Summer and Mr.Ganson DePew

During WW2, the Western was abandoned. Maggie Strong was the president.  In 1948, she had a planning luncheon   of hot dogs and endive and invited Jean Trainor, Jean Giambrone and Maxine Forman. 

To reaffirm a new beginning, The Buffalo News presented a sterling trophy and yearly prize money of $250 for a 2-day competition called the Partner’s Better Ball.

1922-2022 100 Years of Western



The criteria for an Honorary Member is as follows:  A minimum of 10 years of active membership in the organization and dedicated service by being a Member Club Representative or a Western Officer.


The following are members of long standing who are no longer active. 
They deserve recognition for their contributions to WGAWNY.


Bonnie Miller

Park Country CLub

Robbie Puszcz

Lancaster Country Club (deceased, 2019)

Alice Sinclair

Oak Hill Country Club (deceased, 2022)

Mary Najoworski

Tan Tara CC

Lolly Lenahan

Cherry Hill Club (deceased, 2021)

Virginia Brady

Cherry Hill Golf Club (deceased 2012)

Dorothy Fox

Ridgemont Country Club, 1994 (deceased 2012)

Marcia Fell

Country Club of Buffalo

June Feuerstein

Westwood Country Club

Jean Giambrone

Locust Hill Country Club

Elsie Lesyk (1986)

Oak Hill Country Club

Myrella Nagel

Country Club of Buffalo (deceased 2015)

Helen Pappas

Ridgemont Country Club

Marilyn Relyea

Locust Hill Country Club

Mary Schwartz

East Aurora Country Club

Grace Smith

Niagara Falls Country Club

Lou Ann Joslyn

Brookfield Country Club

Rose Marie Breese

Orchard Park Country Club

Barbara Minter

Brookfield Country Club

Pat Gordon

Tan Tara

Jane Cleland

Stafford Country Club

Lois Randaccio

Brookfield Country Club

Mrs. E. B. Allen


Mrs Robert A. Booze


Mrs. Arthur Harrison, Joan

Country Club of Buffalo, 1984

Mrs. Robert McLaughlin


Mrs. William Mullin


Mrs. John Pennington (Kay)

Country Club of Buffalo, 1984

Mrs. DeWitt Schwartz


Miss Grace Smith


Mrs. Leo Ward


Honor Bright Storm


Mrs Jean Korzelius

South Shore, 1977

Isabelle Seiffert

1980 (deceased 1985)

Mrs. Anna Webber

Westwood, 1968

Mrs. John Tozier

Monroe, 1968