Women's Golf Association of Western NY

Since 1922

WGAWNY Objectives and Rules



~ To further the advancement of the game of golf

~ To recognize and develop skilled amateur women golfers

~ To promote good sportsmanship and friendly competition

~ To foster the traditions of the game of golf




Candidates for admission must be female golfing members of a WGAWNY club. 
The following order is used for membership admission:


~ Handicap index of 9.4 or below is automatically admitted

~ Lowest handicap

~ Member of a new club in WGAWNY

~ Clubs with fewer than three members

~ Longest time on the waiting list


USGA rules govern all play. Local rules will be established before play by the individual host golf course.


A USGA handicap index of shall not exceed 19.4 to join. (Changed from 16.4 in 2011).


Clubs with less than 5 members have the option to allow new members to join at the maximum handicap (21.4 as of 2013 provided there is no waiting list).

Maximum handicap is 21.4 once a member has joined.
Members must have posted a minimum of ten (10), 18-hole round scores by the close of each WGAWNY golfing season, to be eligible to renew their membership. (New 2011)


Existing members who exceed the maximum handicap (21.4) may elect to stay on as an Associate Member. They may participate in up to two tournaments per year.  Full Members have precedence in the event a tournament is sold out.


The maximum number of members from each district is 100.


Dues of $55 for returning members must be received by the due date on the dues notice in order to maintain membership. New member dues are $55. Associate member dues are $35. Dues for 2023 will be received on Golf Genius.


In the case of a medical problem or accident, a one-year grace period will be allowed to re-establish a handicap within WGAWNY’s limits. Payment of dues is not required during the grace period.


The maximum number of handicap strokes allowed in any tournament is the number of strokes allowed for the event based on an index of 28.4, but at no time should a player receive more than one stroke on a par three (New 2020).


Prize certificates will not be honored after October 31st each year or at such later date as determined by the host Club Pro. Prize certificates for each tournament must be redeemed at  the Pro Shop of the club that hosted the tournament.  (New 2011)


Code of Conduct:  The WGAWNY is committed to providing a safe and positive environment in which everyone is treated with mutual respect. Incidents of unbecoming conduct or actions deemed to be detrimental to the image of WGAWNY or the “Spirit of the Game” are unacceptable. Anyone violating this policy may be disqualified and/or expelled from the organization.


                 Review the Tournament Guide     Review the Player Code of Conduct


Note: The competition is final when the winners have been announced, or, in the absence of a prize ceremony, when ALL scores  have been posted and approved by the Committee.


Dress Code


~ Golf skirts, skorts and shorts, all not more than 3 inches above the knee, slacks, capris, shirts with sleeves and/or sleeveless shirts with collars ARE acceptable. 

~ Short shorts, tank tops, tennis-length shorts and jeans are NOT acceptable at any WGAWNY event. 

~ Players who do not comply will be given the opportunity to change, wear rain pants or buy appropriate attire from the host pro shop. 

~ Failure to honor this policy will result in disqualification from the event. 

~ All WGAWNY members dining inside the host clubhouse following play must remove all visors, caps and hats.




Objectives & Rules


Tournament Guide: Players

Other Local Events

Past Presidents

Honorary Members


Course Ratings & Reps

Club Rep Duties

Hosting Guide for Reps





Handicaps by Event:


Gross only

Under 50 Day 1
Senior 50-60 Day 1
Super Senior 60+ Day 1


Champion can come from any flight/division. Low 16 and players within ten shots of the lead play on Day 2 if signed up on entry for both days


One Day Medal:
Gross only


Two Gal:

Net champions with gross prizes. Playoff for Net Champion only

90% adjustment after slope and no player gets more than 14 shots


Four Gal:

Net champions with gross prizes

Handicap 80% after slope adjustment with a max. of 18 pre-adjustment, which means no player gets more than 14 shots. Playoff for Net Champion only

1922-2022 100 Years of Western