Women's Golf Association of Western NY


Since 1922





You must be a current
WGAWNY member to enter.


Event field may be limited by host club.


The WGAWNY does not allow caddies, coaches, parents or spectators.



2 Gal—2 Day*

Country Club of Rochester

September 21, 2020 and September 22, 2020

Net champions with gross prizes. Flighted.


Thank you to Jane Gorsline and the team at CCR for running such a great event!


OVERALL LOW NET TROPHY          *Mary Ann Parker & Linda Barbato (Net 66)                 

OVERALL LOW GROSS                          Tammy Blyth & Kitty Colliflower (Gross 76)                 




1ST LOW NET                    Ann Woloszynski & Molly Zittel (Net 71)                                     

1st LOW GROSS              Jan LaVigne & Joy Florczak (Gross 78-Match of Cards)    

2nd LOW NET                     Amy Carlo & Kathy Gallagher (Net 72–Match of Cards)     

2nd LOW GROSS             Kim Kaul & Geraldine Kelley (Gross 78)                                     

3rd LOW NET                      Lorrie Histed & Lisa Webb (Net 74–Match of Cards)            

3rd LOW GROSS              Sharon Kovach & Maggie Kril (75 Gross)                                  



1ST LOW NET                    Theresa Richards & Lorra Boher (Net 68)                                 

1st LOW GROSS              Jan Waters & Maggie Flynn (Gross 84)                                      

2nd LOW NET                     Michelle Neal & Lori Uhazie (Net 70)                                            

2nd LOW GROSS             Mary Schlitzer & Daryl Perlo (Gross 85)                                     

3rd LOW NET                      Phyllis Haberer & Sue Kausch (Net  71)                                     

3rd LOW GROSS              Carol Buzzard & Patricia Beaumont (Gross 86)                      



1ST LOW NET                    Mary Ann Torchio & Janet Derleth (Net 67)                              

1ST LOW GROSS             Cheryl Ferguson & Deb Wood (Gross 83)                                 

2ND LOW NET                    Theresa DeLuca & Kim Gurski (Net 70)                                     

2ND LOW GROSS            Jane Gorsline & Ann Ralph (Gross 87)                                       

3RD LOW NET                    Lisa Evans & Annie Kozlin (Net 72)                                              

3RD LOW GROSS            Diane Charsley & Lindley Bowen (Gross 89)                           



1ST LOW NET                    Irene Lessard & Susan Giacomini (Net 68)                               

1st LOW GROSS              *Sue Davin & Holly Geary (Gross 90)                                           

2nd LOW NET                     *Anne Bishop & L. Harrower (Net 73-March of Cards)         

2nd LOW GROSS             Maureen Daley & Raelea Jacobson (Gross 91)                      

3rd LOW NET                      Kate Green & Liz Rank (Net 75)                                                     

3rd LOW GROSS              *Cathy Wall & Barbara Neumann (Gross 97)                                 


*After adjustment for the Overall Low Net Winners, these teams have moved to a higher paying prize position and will be compensated for the difference via a Wegman’s Gift Certificate.