Women's Golf Association of Western NY

Since 1922

2022 Dues Notice for Returning Members




The dues notice is for eligible returning members 21.4* and under

Associate Members from 2021 will be contacted by email.


Please print this page and return it with your $45 US dues check.


Checks should be made out to WGAWNY and mailed to:

Lisa Webb ▪ 2241 Pond Road ▪ Bloomfield, NY 14469

Dues are due upon receipt and envelopes should be postmarked by 3/1/2022.

Mark your envelope “WGAWNY” on the lower left front.

Members who have not paid by March 1, 2022 will forfeit their membership.

¨ You must be a golfing member of your club for 2022 to be eligible to join.

¨ If you are on a leave from your club you are not eligible to join.

¨ You must have a valid and current handicap to belong to Western. This includes a
minimum of ten 18-hole scores posted during the 2021 season.

¨ Proposed members will be contacted for their new member dues as places become available.
Please do not send dues or use this form.

 Check the calendar link from the home page for tournament information.

One Day Medal   Championship
Four Gal Better Ball
Two Gal Better Ball

100 Year Celebration Anniversary Scramble




Current Member Name:__________________________________________


Club:  __________________________________ 


GHIN #: _______________   or Golf Canada # / other: _________________


Phone:  ______________________________________________________



eMail: _____________________________________________(please print)


If you are not interested in joining the Women's Golf Association of WNY
for 2021, please reply to:
wgawnynews2@gmail.com and state that you are
not joining the Western for 2022.


Your name must be submitted / proposed again to join at a later date.


All members must post a minimum of ten 18 hole scores in 2022 to continue membership in 2023.


What is an Associate Member?

Existing members who exceed the maximum handicap (21.4) may elect to stay on as an Associate Member for as long as their handicap remains below 28.4 (New 2020).  They may participate in up to two tournaments per year. 


Medical Grace Period:

In the case of a medical problem or accident, a one-year grace period will be allowed to re-establish a handicap within WGAWNY’s limits.  Payment of dues is waived through the grace period.



It is the responsibility of each member to check this website for opening and closing of all entries. Emails will not be sent to advise of the opening for entries.



All gift certificates will be issued for the host club pro shop. You will not be able to redeem certificates at the shop of your choice.  This was voted on at the 2011 Spring Meeting.


*Honorary Members may play in one event each year.



Index limit regular membership
21.4 voted 2016