Women's Golf Association of Western NY

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New for 2020
Associate Membership



We are happy to announce that we will be adding an "Associate Member" category to WGAWNY next year. 


Existing members who have a year end index (at 10/31/19) that exceeds the maximum of 21.4 may elect to stay on as an Associate Member for as long as their index remains below 28.4.  They will pay a reduced dues amount and may participate in up to two tournaments per year. Full members will have precedence in the event a tournament is sold out. Those who qualify for Associate Member status will be contacted by us and advised of this option. 


Thank you for the Associate Member suggestion and for your enthusiastic support of this idea.


1) Existing member with a handicap that exceeds the normal requirement of 21.4 may

choose to stay on as an Associate Member.

2) The maximum handicap for Associate Member Status is not to exceed 28.4.

3) Associate Members are eligible to play in up to two tournaments per year.

4) Associate Members pay a reduced dues amount.

5) In the event that an event is sold out, Full Members will have preference over Associate



Any additional stipulations regarding the allowance of Associate Members and Associate Member status will be discussed at the next Executive and/or Rep Meetings.